RECM allow you to easily maintain your backups and provide a very intuitive solution.

RECM (Recovery Manager) is an open-source written in C.


  • Full HOT backups
  • Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR) by Date,Restore point and LSN
  • Provide a smart way to manage restore point
  • Manage Permanent or Temporary restore point (Prevent backups from deletion)
  • Optimize backup size by compression (libzip)
  • Remove indexes from the backup to reduce the backup size
  • Recreate indexes at recovery time
  • Granular restore at Database, Schema or Table level
  • Automatic WAL removal at backup time
  • Automatic deletion of obsolete backups
  • Parallel backup operation to speed up backup process.


  • Linux Redhat like distribution (Oracle Linux, centos)
  • one PostgreSQL database used as repository (called deposit)
  • Mounted file system used as storage (NAS)